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Coworking in Taiwan About Taiwan

The land of online shoppers and regarded as one of 4 so-called "Asian Tigers" to watch, Taiwan is an island nation sitting 180 km east of China with a small market that is dwarfed by its huge neighbors of China, Japan and the Philippines. Cloaked in traditional Chinese temples, dramatic mountains, modern cities and wondrous hot spring resorts, its capital Taipei is a bustling hive of night markets where you will find the National Palace Museum and the Taipei 101 (a huge bamboo shaped skyscraper). The country has the largest economy outside of the UN with a stable industrial economy where high-tech industries play a key role.

Of Taiwan's population of 2,618,720, 83.8% are connected to the Internet with 76.7% playing on Facebook. The countries e-commerce market is valued at over US$34 billion, which is predicted to grow over the next 5 years to pass the traditional retail market with more than 70% of online shoppers buying smartphones. It is estimated that a single Taiwanese person will shop online at least once a month. This habit is due to the wide selection of merchandise, ease of logistics for delivery, payment options and a mature infrastructure in place.

Many new digital startups are relying on this online shopping trend to continue increasing so they are honing in on the ecommerce niche. The country has seen a blossoming in startup gatherings, events, camps and competitions for the creative would-be entrepreneur with a developing ecosystem working with foreign companies for mentorship to attack the global scene. The government is getting behind the new digital scene, but is still in the throes of working out how, especially as it has a depressed economy. The country has traditionally relied on investing in hardware, semiconductor and telecommunication companies. A change of thought has to be achieved to funnel funds to software and Internet companies, also there needs to be a change in the Taiwanese culture of being too modest into one of self-promotion.

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Coworking in Taiwan About Taiwan

Coworking in Taiwan

Taiwan is an exciting city with a storied history and one of the top market economies in the world. As one of the most technologically advanced computer makers, it is no surprise that Taiwan coworking space is an increasingly popular commodity. Leading economic sectors thriving in Taiwan cover consumer goods, information technology, energy, agriculture, steel and heavy manufacturing, and semiconductor industry, to name a few. Taiwan is in the center of the business action in Asia, so check out our listings and discover the possibilities of your business coworking in Taiwan now.

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As part of the largest network of alternative office spaces in the world, Coworker offers the widest selection of office types for coworking in Taiwan. So depending on what your particular company’s needs are, you may wish to source an office that has services such as: reception, mail services, WiFi and high speed internet services, printing and scanning services, meeting rooms and conference or workshop spaces, etc. We also cater to companies of all sizes, and can accommodate small groups or teams of a hundred; whatever you need in a space for coworking in Taiwan, we will find the right fit for you.

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