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Sitting in a country with one of the fastest average Internet connection speeds in the world, Busan is a large port city in South Korea. The country also has the highest credit card penetration in the world, making it a commercial powerhouse with mobile commerce at 28% of the world's total online sales.

Their love of cyber space is reflected in their coworking spaces. You will find that despite the country being a relatively new comer to the startup scene, the government wants to encourage a creative economy and the number of startups blossoming is on the increase each year. Many of the young entrepreneurs have studied outside of their country and upon returning home have a global perspective for their innovations.

You may have "lost in translation" moments if lingering in Busan, despite the fact that English is taught in schools. It is the youths that have studied overseas who have mastered the English language. Known for its beaches, mountains and temples Busan's coworking spaces attract remote workers from around the globe to its dynamic tech scene, plus local freelancing professionals who don't wish to set up their own offices due to the cost of the infrastructure. There are plenty of funky bars to down a few drinks after work, designer restaurants to invade when you get the tummy rumbles and hot springs to immerse yourself in for contemplation moments.

A city of 3.6 million souls, it is the 2nd largest city in South Korea sitting on the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula. This is where you will find South Korea's longest beach "Haeundae" and the longest river, "Nakdong". It has the largest port that is the 5th busiest in the world and the largest fish market "Jagalchi" in South Korea. When you want to escape your coworking enclave there are over 20 temples and historical sites to explore plus stunning parks to meander.