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Rye the city in Westchester County of New York is separate from the town of Rye - which is actually larger than the city.  Rye the city is the youngest city in New York and the last city to be chartered in New York State since 1942. A coastal city of commuter convenience for people that work in the big apple, it has a timeless elegance and heaps of character.

Rye has some quirky historical things to fossick for if you are into a bit of local history. It is where you will find on the Boston Post Road - America's oldest roadway - 2 milestone signs over 200 years old labeled 24 and 25.  These mile markers were used to measure the distance from New York City.  They were installed in 1763 when Benjamin Franklin was the Postmaster General.  Rye is home to a rare 1938 WPA mural in the lobby of the city's Post Office painted by realist artist Guy Pene du Bois, "John Jay at His Home".  The National Park Service designated the Boston Post Road a historic district in 1993, with the center being the boyhood home of John Jay "The Jay Estate", who was a Founding Father and the first Chief Justice of the United States.  Another historical landmark is the amusement park "Playland" that has one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the Northeast.  You can actually go there and be a kid again having some fun on the rides and don't forget to get sick on cotton candy. 

Rye Beach is close to "Playland", but you have to pay to get on the beach.  For the skimpy wallet, it costs nothing to walk along the promenade to the pier.  The next beach is Oakland Beach and you will have to pull out your wallet to step onto this one as well.  If you object to paying for putting a towel on the sand, then cross the road to the Rye Park and put it on the grass instead.  There is the Rye Pool for those that don't want sand in places where it is best not to have any, and of course you have to pay to get in. Constantly surveyed by the hawk eyes of a feisty female guard, Rye Beach is another one to pay to step onto. She patrols the beach to ensure that everyone is adhering to the swimming rules.  Heaven help you if you end up being expelled from the beach in the summer.

Apart from beach tolls and antics, there is a Farmer's Market each Sunday to pick up some goodies or you can check out the restaurants in Purchase Street and do some damage on your credit card at the boutique shops.  Rye Town Park is a great place to take time out or if you want to get up close and personal with some ducks in the lake.  You can have a play with little white balls at the Rye Golf Club, or relax down at the Rye City Marina and take in the views.

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