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10000 KRW /d



Hive Arena is a bright and innovative space focused on building a community that brings a positive change through technol... More

34500 KRW /d
COW & DOG, Seoul



CoW&DoG means ‘cowork & do good’. As the witty name suggests, it is a co-working space with a relaxed, easy-going, co... More

J-Space, Jeju City



J-Space is a free coworking space and startup incubator in Jeju Island, South Korea. Visit this beautiful island and disc... More




GARAGE is a co-working space that opened in June 2016. It is near the Seonjeongneung station and the best part is that it... More

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This place is amazing. You just have to buy something from the cafeteria and you can stay the whole day. ... Show More
Rafael Tudela
Awesome free co-working space. It's very modern, has a lot of mac screens, and they even have a bookshelf... Show More
Rafael Tudela
This is a great place to just show up and start working. The first time I went one of the owners welcomed... Show More
Rafael Tudela
I had some work to finish on a freelance project while I was in Seoul and HIVE ARENA was the perfect plac... Show More
Teo Acosta

Sitting on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, South Korea is a sovereign state in East Asia sharing one of the most heavily militarized borders with North Korea. The locals live a highly urbanized style of life with half of the population squatting in high-rises in the high-tech capital of Seoul (25 million people). It is the 6th leading global city in the world with the 4th largest economy. Outside of Seoul you will find ancient Buddhist temples, coastal fishing villages, sub-tropical islands and a green hilly countryside awash in cherry trees.

When the creative juices stop flowing you can head to one of the 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Seokguram Grotto or the Bulguksa Temple. South Korea is cloaked in a rich heritage dating back as far as 8000 BC. Korea was annexed by Imperial Japan in 1910 and it was divided into North and South Korea. An invasion by North Korea led to the Korean War during the years 1950-1953. Since this time the North and the South have agreed to work peacefully side by side, with the South being the regional power.

With a total population of 49,180,776, 92.1% are connected to the Internet with 34.6% of them playing on Facebook. It was in 2005 that South Korea became the first country in the world to swap to high-speed Internet and to start the first mobile TV broadcast in the world. The country is the most developed in East Asia with the 8th highest median household income, which is the highest in Asia. The country is one of the leaders in producing graduates of science and engineering, little wonder considering it is home to Samsung, LG and Hyundai-Kia. South Korea is considered to be the world's most innovative country with the fastest Internet speed and the highest smartphone ownership.

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