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Reykjavik, 57 Fiskislóð

ISK 2,500 / pp / day

Reykjavik, Kringlan 1

ISK 5,000 / pp / day

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About Reykjavik

If you're all about those vistas and a sky-high budget (consider yourself warned!) then Reykjavik is for you. Nature here is second to none as Reykjavik is nestled between sea and snow-capped mountains. With unlimited access to national parks and a spectacular view of the northern lights, Reykjavik is perfect for those looking to live in a city with a heavy dose of nature, and who plan of taking advantage of the nearby natural wonders. Natural baths, volcano hiking, and The Blue Lagoon are possible side trips!

Reykjavik has impeccable taste in architecture and design ranging from quaint colorful homes to towering churches inspired by waterfalls. Impossibly hip, Reykjavik's downtown core is futuristic and infused with the latest technology in every possible way. Nightlife here is famous for friendly bars and high energy dancing! Despite the city's trendy vibe, Reykjavik has a more town-like feel rather than a capital city.

Be warned! Iceland is not for the faint of budget, the average rent for a one-bedroom is over a grand a month. Alcohol is taxed heavily making a full night out on the town a luxury. Even comfortable nomads should be prepared to make some cuts, but Reykjavik will be worth it.