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The capital city of Baja California state sitting in northern Mexico, Mexicali is the second most populous area with 689,775 souls in the metropolitan area. It is the national center for the aerospace industry in Mexico and has a highly educated and skilled population. It sits on the Mexico-United States border close to its sister city of Calexico. Coworking venues are opening up in this border city that does get rather hot and steamy at times - think of temperatures that often exceed the 40-degree mark in the summer months.

Setting up home in Mexicali is not as cheap as in the interior of Mexico, but then again you will be sitting very close to the US. If you like to play at night you will find plenty of venues to suit your needs due to the large student population and the number of American tourists crossing the border for a night. The price of a beer to cool you down won't break your budget and you can live cheaply on tortillas if you are not worried about your diet. Knowing some Spanish will definitely help you to get around on a daily basis, as not everyone is English speaking.

When you are over doing your thing at your coworking venue, it's possible to run to the town of San Felipe with its small beach and jump in the sea to get the body temperature back into the realms of normal, or you can head into the desert where you will find a canyon of waterfalls, hot springs and cave paintings at Cañón de Guadalupe.