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About Bluemenau

Sitting in the southern part of Brazil, Bluemenau is where you will find the world's 2nd largest beer festival during Oktoberfest that attracts over 1 million tourists during the 16/17 days it is held. If you can't be in the city then, try for the Summerfest, which is held in late January or early February, as it is very similar. A Brazilian city splattered with German influences, coworking has now hit the city for its innovative souls.

Home to a large number of German immigrants from the late 19th Century, its culture is distinctly different to that of the common image of Brazil, as there is also a smattering of Italians hanging around. With a main economy based in the textile industry, Bluemenau is now being named as the "Valley of Software" with the focus shifting to information technology. It has a strong economy boosted by strong trade, service and tourism events with a rapidly expanding market into the production of craft beer. Coworking spaces are satisfying the innovative minds with not just somewhere to work from, but with the added lure and spice of being in beer heaven.

Bluemenau's streets are littered with German-style half-timbered buildings plus it has in the north a farming community that preserves the culture of the German heritage. It is an ethnically diverse city with some locals bilingual, whilst others only speaking a smattering of basic German. Sitting on the shores of the Itajai-Acu River, it is surrounded by rugged terrain that is a lure for coworking souls when they are over tapping on their laptops or sculling beer.