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Sitting south of Lake Constance in the northeast of Switzerland, St Gallen is the capital of the canton of the same name. With humble beginnings as the hermitage of Saint Gall in the 7th Century, today it is a large urban area with a population of about 160,000 souls. It is home to the University of St Gallen, so there is plenty of youthful exuberance in the air. The lingo here is a local version of Alemannic Swiss German and the city has good transport links to get you anywhere in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Snuggled between pre-Alpine hills, St Gallen has the unique position of being on the border of 4 countries. Home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Abbey of St Gall that is a mish mash of architectural styles including that of baroque where you will find a library with books from the 9th Century, it is now also home to coworking venues.

History buffs will be wearing smiles once they have visited the Abbey, as there is a Textile Museum to poke through displaying the cities historical textile industry. The old town is a treat to saunter around with its buildings decked out in decorative bay windows. This area is pedestrian only, so you don't have to worry about being run down whilst staring absentmindedly at something that has caught your attention.
The best places to find the expertly carved and painted oriels are on the bustling streets of Marktgasse, Schmiedgasse, Spisergasse and Kugelgasse. Make sure you check out the commercial district in the west of the city where most of St Gallen's historical textile manufacturing took place, plus the Stadtlounge that appears as a living room in the middle of the city. This is where the uni students hang out in the evenings.

If you manage to get some work done in your coworking space during the day without heading out to do a bit of brewing research at the Schützengarten brewery that has been concocting beer since 1779 making it the oldest brewery in Switzerland, then you definitely deserve to indulge in a drink at the end of the day.