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The capital city of the Iwate Prefecture in northern Japan, Morioka sits on Honshu Island. Known for its spring cherry blossoms, it is home to the ruins of the 17th Century Morioka Castle and a centuries-old cherry tree growing from a cracked rock in Ishiwarizakura. Your jaw will drop at the sight of hundreds of Buddhist statues at Hoonji Temple, whilst hot spring at Tsunagi on the shores of Gosho Lake will have you wallowing in hedonistic pleasure. With a population of around the 296,739 mark, Morioka is believed to have been continuously inhabited since the Japanese Paleolithic period. From ancient tombs to being fought over by samurai clans, coworking venues are springing up in its streets under a government that wishes to encourage domestic startups.

The chase is on for space solutions with the government setting aside about one billion in public funds by way of both loans and investments over a five-year period to achieve commercial development on the moon. Startups that qualify will be able to receive funding for such things as research costs and to cover the price of patents. Local entrepreneurs are looking at this strategy as a turning point that will have positive implications on a global scale and Japanese startups are seeing an influx of capital happening. Not all are chasing the cow that jumped over the moon, as many are getting into health care, agritech Internet of Things, enterprise software and artificial intelligence.

From dreaming of space unicorns to maybe just getting a bit of work done, coworking venues are the place where the intrepid and innovative locals are hanging out, sharing ideas and getting their dreams into the space of reality.