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Addis Ababa, Guinea Conakry Street

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Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa, Qelebet Menged, Zewdu building, DC Lounge

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It would have been a case of the odd errant tourist crossing their legs and praying, as there were no public toilets in Addis Ababa until 1975 when 30 conveniences popped around the town.  Heaven help anyone with a case of the runs from over indulging in the fun of finger eating too many traditional spicy curries prior to this momentous "toilet" occasion.  This is where since 1964 you now drive on the right hand side of the road instead of the left, the somewhat sour "injera" a spongy pancake is scoffed down by the masses and the rich coffee will definitely give you the shakes if you have too many of either the local clay coffee pot type or a typical Italian influenced espresso.

Home to the African Union, a foreign embassy from nearly every country around the world and numerous United Nation branches, Addis Ababa is quite often referred to as the capital of Africa.  Perched in the highlands bordering the Great Rift Valley, you will find ancient churches, fascinating museums and the largest outdoor market in Africa, "Addis Market" to fossick in.  St George's Cathedral and Museum is packed with ancient church memorabilia, there is also the Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum and the Holy Trinity Cathedral and Museum that is the most sacred Ethiopian Orthodox church in the city.  Medieval and wrapped in weeping pine trees, you can also see the tomb of Emperor Haile Selassie at the neo-baroque landmark of the Holy Trinity Cathedral.  Add to this the National Museum of Ethiopia for prehistoric fossil admiring, then do the Ethnological Museum and there is hardly any time to down some coffee, which no doubt your brain would by now be needing.

Having never been colonized, there are monuments and sculptures at every turn.  You can take a drive up Entoto Hill to survey the city and on the way back down drop in to the Shiro Meda Market for a bit of local craft shopping, or if you want to dress like a local, this is where to buy the clothes.

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