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Once upon a time, Lomé was known as the "Paris" of West Africa.  The capital of Togo, Lomé is elegantly dressed in wide boulevards and palm-fringed beaches, where French is the national language.  Charming and safe, it is known for its colorful craft markets where some have a definite voodoo bent, a thumping nightlife scene and stunning white sandy beaches. 

For the adventurous soul you can take a hike in the coffee growing region of Kpalimé or go to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Koutammakou in the Tamberma Valley where you can mingle with the locals, the "Batammariba" people who live in tower-houses of mud and straw.  This trip is not for the feint hearted, but well worth the effort to get there.  From Lomé you can also go on a safari to either the Fazao Mafakassa National Park or the Kéran National Park where there are great trekking routes, waterfalls and the odd elephant.

Lomé itself is light on tourist sights but the one that must no be missed is the Marché des Féticheurs, about 4 km outside of the city, you can grab a taxi-moto to get there.  This is where you will find the bizarre and the traditional voodoo cult items: donkey skulls, serpent heads, warthog teeth, porcupine skins, voodoo charms and masks and an assortment of dubious health tonics.

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