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The capital of Suriname sitting on the river of the same name, Paramaribo is known for its ornate wooden Dutch colonial buildings with its historic heart being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It could be said that Paramarilbo is where Amsterdam meets the Wild West with its dynamic look of grassy squares, wafting spices from Indian roti shops mingling with exhaust fumes from chaotic traffic and a multi-ethnic population that has synagogues and mosques sitting happily beside each other. Today you can add into this colorful domain, coworking venues, where locals happily tap away on laptops in creative mode.

The business and financial hub of Suriname, the capital does not produce any significant goods, but services the flow of revenue from the country's main exports of gold, oil, rice, bauxite and tropical wood. It is here you will find the bustling business hot spot with all of the banks, insurance corporations, commercial companies and other financial institutions based. Tourism is one of their main financial sectors with a steady flow of tourists from the Netherlands. Coworking spaces are now providing an important link between traditional offices and the new era of innovative locals looking for somewhere to work from.

There are plenty of quirky cafes to hang out in for an espresso if the coffee at your coworking enclave isn't giving you the right buzz or maybe if you just need to get away from your laptop for a while. For the roaming coworkers who need a tourist fix, you can go further afield and gawk at the 17th Century Fort Zeelandia houses, if you are into a bit of history.