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Nestled in the district of Mödling in Lower Austria, Maria Enzersdorf is one of the tiniest—and most charming—towns in Austria, coming in at 2.03 square miles. It’s population of just over 9,000 people makes it one of those places where you can easily getaway and enjoy time to yourself, which is great for coworkers who need to buckle down and grow their business from the ground, up!

First mentioned in the twelfth century, Maria Enzersdorf was most likely settled by the Roman and Celts. During this period, the town’s famous Liechtenstein Castle was built as a fortress against the Ottoman Empire, which you can still visit today. It may come as a surprise that there would be any coworking spaces in Maria Enzersdorf, but this town is keeping up with the rest of Austria in offering dynamic shared offices for business travelers and remote workers alike.

Plus, it’s not entirely removed from the corporate world—the energy company EVN Group is headquartered here, and why not?! The mountains ad surrounding scenery in Maria Enzersdorf is so beautiful, you’ll quickly feel like you were transported to the set of The Sound of Music! Maria Enzersdorf may not be a tech hub per se, but it does offer a lively vibe in an historical city and surrounding forests to explore. After all, in recent years Austria is emerging as a hub for young, international companies to access a dynamic ecosystem.

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