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About Velenje

The 5th largest city in Slovenia, Velenje sits on the banks of a lake by the same name only 85km from the capital of Ljubljana, so you can always run away to have a dose of the big smoke when the fancy takes you. It's cuddled into the rolling green hills of the Salek Valley with the Pohorie Mountains in the east and the Kamnik-Savinia Alps in the west. Planned and built in the 1950s, Velenja began as a small market town with only 364 souls meandering its streets. Today it's one of the strongest economic hubs in Slovenia and you will find everything you need to carry on a blissful life in the city, even coworking venues, where you can get some work done.

Slovenia has a growing tech startup scene happening with the past few years seeing a few successful Slovenian companies building products and entering the global market place, such as Celtra and Zemata, to name a few. The country has always had its fair share of high tech companies, but today it's seeing a generation of entrepreneurs managing to conquer global markets with niche high-tech engineering products such as ultra-light planes, exhaust systems and solar cells, plus those focusing on software and digital technologies - think social media, mashups and telecommunications. The Slovenia scene is not mature at all, as most startups are in the seed or early stage of development, but it's showing some successes.

Fresh young startups are creating an inspiring role to the tech savvy minds bunkering down in coworking venues around the country causing a startup culture and community to blossom.