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About Alba Lulia

The historical region of Transylvania sitting on the Mures River, Alba Lulia has been the seat of Transylvania’s Roman Catholic diocese since the High Middle Ages. In December 2018 the city was officially declared "Capital of the Great Union of Romania". The city has under its umbrella 4 villages: Bărăbanț, Micești, Oarda and Pâclișa with a total population of around the 63,536 mark. History buffs will be able to have a few moments of sheer excitement gawking at landmarks from the 17th and 18th century that are littered around the city. The residents of Alba Lulia can be found meandering its streets, hanging out in cafes gorging on fruit pies, pancakes and pastries with their coffee or getting industrious in coworking venues with other likeminded souls.

Romania has become a popular destination for tech geeks, as it has a huge population of around 20 million and a communist legacy of excellence in science. With its misty mountains, bumpy roads and medieval churches, Romania has more of a romantic air than that of a cutting-edge tech vibe. The country has a lot to offer for the fledgling startup despite its under-developed and fragmented funding environment. There are plenty of science and tech savvy youth brimming with innovative and imaginative creations that are kick-starting an ecosystem on positive waves.

Romania is seen as a country with a huge potential as it has one of Europe's fastest growing economies, its education is focused on mathematics, tech and science, plus the youth have good language skills. Coworking venues are one more step in the ecosystem being created in Romania where its intrepid minds can gather en masse, collaborating and connecting with innovative souls.