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The enclave for surfers, this laidback fishing village was once the spot known for calamari and hippies. It is now considered to be the premier surfing destination in Morocco during the months of October to April with perfect breaks happening at beaches such as Anchor Point, Hash Point, Killer Point and the list goes on. Here you can ride a wave or sleep in a hammock. There aren't too many facilities, but there are enough Internet cafes to go around and a pharmacy for when the need arises.

Sitting 19 km north of Agadir in the southwest of Morocco, the locals are predominantly of Berber origin and fishing, tourism and the production of Argan oil are the main sources of income for the town. It is a multi-cultural town - an eclectic mix of bodies from all over the world - all of them waiting for the next best wave to happen. This is where you really can surf from "village to village". The expansive beaches are wide with mountainous backdrops where the slurping and munching on the local cuisine of Moroccan tajines is de rigueur and seeing the odd camel strolling the beach will not surprise you.

The one drawback is that Taghazout is a "dry" town (not banned just not sold) so if you want a drink or two you will have to bring it from Agadir.

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