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While many are quick to write off Tegucigalpa due to its bad reputation for crime, those who visit find that the city is actually quite pleasant, with its well-preserved specimens of colonial architecture, museums, and eclectic urban scene.

Avoid the whirls of traffic that plague its streets, and choose to walk around the city center instead, taking in the sights. Glance up at the gorgeous dome of the cathedral of San Miguel, which overlooks the sunny Plaza Morazan, where you can see a statue of former President Francisco Morazan on horseback. Spend some time learning about the country's vivid history at the Museo para la Identidad Nacional and the National Archives. Alternatively, dig out one of its well-known evening haunts, where emerging musicians, entrepreneurs, and artists mix and mingle.

Around the city, you will find a veritable treasure of archaeological and natural sights, like the Copan ruins, where you can get a glimpse of the ancient Mayan culture, or the La Tigra national park, where you will be surrounded by tropical forest, replete with flora, fauna, and waterfalls.

With a great scope for economic development, the Honduran market offers plenty of opportunities for the enterprising businessman. The start-up scene is not yet fully developed, though there are plans to position the country as a new destination for investment capital.

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