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20 USD /d
Hubud, Bali



Hubud is Bali's first coworking space, located in the beautiful Ubud in the uplands of Bali. Globally renowned for yoga, ... More

500 IDR /m
FREEWARE Spaces, Jakarta



When various professionals from a wide array of industries share a space and work collectively, you should know that call... More

14 USD /d
Outpost, Bali



Half coworking, half shared offices, Outpost is a two story, 500 plus square meter home in Ubud, the centre of culturally... More

3000000 IDR /m
CoworkInc, Jakarta



Cowork Inc is one of Jakarta’s newest coworking spaces, located in the heart of Kemang in South Jakarta. An area affect... More

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nice place to work, nice ambience, very strategic location
arief arfarf
I think GoWork is coworking space that has a location most strategies compared with other coworking in ja... Show More
Herdiana Jones
I stumble upon GoWork during my recent meetings at UOB building. I conduct meetings with my clients in th... Show More
Bob Chandra
GoWork a cozy place for working, all of the facilities really helpful for working till midnight. you will... Show More
Greiscya Fabyola

A country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is known for its plethora of beaches, volcanoes and thick jungles where the animals hide such as elephants and tigers. It sits between the Indian and the Pacific Oceans and is the world's largest island country encompassing over 13,000 islands. Indonesia has an estimated population of over 258 million people (predominantly Muslim) with more than half of them living on the island of Java where its sprawling capital, Jakarta sits. It has a turbulent history battling with natural disasters, mass slaughter and corruption with periods of rapid economic change whilst it was influenced by foreign powers. Indonesia gained its independence after World War II and is known internationally for its traditional puppetry and gamelan music, definitely not as an IT hub.

There are literally hundreds of different ethnic and linguistic groups with vast wilderness areas supporting the world's 2nd highest level of biodiversity. The country is rich in natural resources such as oil, tin, copper, gold and natural gas with its main economy focused on agriculture (think rice, tea, spices, coffee).

The Internet is relatively new in Indonesia and has a rapid expansion happening (2nd largest number of Facebook users and 3rd largest using Twitter in the world) with a prediction that by 2017 it will surpass Japan in users. Filtering by the government is substantial in the social area and is said to be unsystematic and inconsistent. The government has a positive position in relation to the Internet as a means of economic development, but is concerned about anti-Islamic content as well as pornographic on-line material. Indonesia is considered to be a rapidly maturing IT belt that has undergone the phases of hype, boom and realism with a tech ecosystem growing of incubators, startup communities and tech news sites aimed at the rising level of tech savvy entrepreneurs.

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