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29 EUR /d
CREC, Barcelona



Centered around the well being of its members, at CREC coworking, you’ll find out that you’re the most important thin... More

200 EUR /m
Blitz Coworking, Barcelona

Blitz Coworking


Thinking about a change in your day to day work pace? Or perhaps a change of environment in general? Brace yourself for c... More

25 EUR /d
BCNewt, Barcelona



Instead of just a coworking space, BCNewt is more than just that, it’s also a new work lifestyle where you’re more pr... More

15 EUR /d
Hub Fuerteventura, Fuerteventura

Hub Fuerteventura


Island living, sunset working. At Hub Fuerteventura, experience coworking like no other. Driven by the spirit of a commu... More

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Un inmejorable entorno, tanto en lo profesional como en lo personal. De tamaño perfecto y lleno de deta... Show More
Sara Moreno Caumel
El centro ofrece un gran ambiente de trabajo, super luminoso tranquilo y agradable.
Paloma Lanzat
Great place and excellent people
Paula Arquiola
This is the perfect location in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Short (two minute) walk to the beach, restauran... Show More
Tim Tarango

The European Digital City Index has placed Madrid and Barcelona amongst its top 15 startup-cities, so Spain must be doing something right, despite the limited skills of its workforce that appears to be holding the country back.

Sitting on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is a sovereign state in southwestern Europe with several archipelagos dotted around in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, plus several small territories near the North African coastline. France, Andorra, Portugal and the tiny country of Gibraltar border it, with its feet in the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean. Spain is 1 of 3 countries (the others being France and Morocco) to have Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, with the Portugal-Spain border being the longest uninterrupted border in the European Union. Madrid, the country's capital is home to the Prado Museum and the Royal Palace, Segovia is where you will the Alcazar medieval castle and an intact Roman aqueduct, whilst Barcelona is iconic for its modernist landmarks by Gaudi.

With a population of 46,439,864, 76.9% are connected to the Internet and 47.4% jump onto Facebook. Along with Italy, Spain is taking advantage of European funding and innovation programs. With problems in relation to high unemployment amongst its youth, many of the young citizens either choose to run away to other countries or for those that do stay, the alternative is to set up their own businesses. Spain has been attracting funding from international investors, including the opportunities of funding and networking with the support of the European Union. There appears to be some "good natured" rivalry between the 2 Spanish cities of Madrid and Barcelona as to which city is the best to create that unicorn digital startup, with Barcelona the forerunner in one study, whilst Madrid is in first place in another. One major problem facing the country is the low ranking of the skills of its workforce and the fact that many do not know how to speak English, which is considered to be the language of the Internet.

Both Barcelona and Madrid are considered to be friendly cities with a strong sense of community amongst it startup crew and a great lifestyle for the taking. Venture capital investment is increasing, creating a definite buzz in what is seen as a thriving startup scene.

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