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The island of dreams for many, Papeete is the capital of French Polynesia sitting on Tahiti in the South Pacific. Today it's in the throes of becoming a "smart" nation due to the fact that the Tahitian islands are small and tightly clustered creating a unique chance to connect multiple communities. The French Polynesia Ministry of Tourism has announced a partnership with Tahiti Innovation Labs and the Florida-based Travel Startups Incubator to develop the Tahiti Smart Tourism initiative. Long-term goals include free Wi-Fi access beyond the resort boundaries and developing new opportunities for local job growth and economic development. Coworking spaces are another stepping-stone in this direction as a space for its' inventive tech savvy youth to hang out with likeminded souls.

Papeete is where you can relish the laid-back vibe, swim in crystal clear lagoon water, put a hibiscus flower behind your ear and worship the sun reclining on warm golden sand. The bustling port area entertains and the local market is a haven for those looking for some fresh fish to barbeque. You can pick the color of the beach sand you wish to lie on from white to pink to black and play hide and seek with the reef fish.

Coworking in Papeete sounds like work and in fact it is, but at least you can put your snorkeling gear on during your lunch break.