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45 AUD /d
Blix Spaces, Melbourne

Blix Spaces


Blix Spaces is a state of the art co-working and event space in the heart of Port Melbourne. The venue is loaded with na... More

35 AUD /d
Exchange Workspaces - South Yarra, Melbourne

Exchange Workspaces - South Yarra


At Exchange Workspaces, we believe that our environments have the potential to motivate us, inspire us and cultivate our ... More

50 AUD /d
The Cluster, Melbourne

The Cluster


The Cluster is a premium 2400m2 co-working space situated in the heart of Melbourne CBD with a 360-degree view of Melbour... More

250 AUD /m
Revolver Lane, Melbourne

Revolver Lane


If you’ve always wanted a space that has various options for different ways of working, Revolver Lane is where it’s a... More

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Wow! Love it here. I escape to get focused work done without the other distractions. I love the buzz of p... Show More
Alistair Gray
This place is nurturing, fun, and very serious about business all at once. Cannot recommend it highly eno... Show More
Alex Fein
Originally setting up an office for digital tech work and then our florist business in the Adelaide WOTSO... Show More
Stuart Austin
When I moved to Perth I was looking for a coworking space that would allow me to work productivity, but a... Show More
Nikki Sloan

The sun burnt country where people still think kangaroos bounce up the streets (urban myth), that koalas are cute and cuddly (they do have sharp claws) and where being eaten by a crocodile is a distinct possibility (only if you are totally stupid in the northern wilds). Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans, its "bush capital" (aka Canberra) is over run by politicians. But the draw cards are plenty, as it has stunning coral reefs, long sandy beaches either to surf or swim, outback deserts and brilliant New World wines to sip on.
This is not an easy country for the digital nomad as you will pay, pay and pay some more, not just for the Internet but heaven forbid if you have a nicotine habit. It is a huge country with a small population where the economy is changing from one of mining, the dollar is weakening and the government is yet to get behind tech startups. Because of its size there are numerous black spots where you will get no or very poor telephone coverage/Internet, especially if you are traveling between country towns, hanging out on deserted beaches or in the outback. Coverage will also depend on what carrier you are with, so it is wise to check into this before venturing outside the big cities. The costs vary enormously, with none of them on the cheap side. Generally speaking there is no such thing as "free" Wi-Fi and power points to recharge gadgets for customers in cafes, apart from the "unicorn" cafe that is benevolent and rare.

There are few startups happening in Australia as most flee overseas in the initial stages. Of the ones that do succeed on home soil, generally there is a partner located outside of Australia. Numerous problems face startups: such as being able to scale products worldwide, it's outrageously expensive to do business in Australia due to government regulations (think wages, tax, software costs and compliance costs), little or no government funding available, local investors are still novices in the market with banks very skeptical in relation to finance and the time zone differences, just add another complication.

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