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About Bethlehem

A hillside town in the county of Grafton, Bethlehem apparently scores well on the "10 Most Redneck Cities in New Hampshire" list, coming in at 9th place. Apparently the list was compiled from data indicative of redneck behavior such as liking to hunt, fish, drink, smoke and shoot things with shopping at Walmart a highlight. Think of the smell of cooking catfish, trailer parks and not many locals living in the town and you have Bethlehem. Sitting at the junction of US Route 302 and New Hampshire Route 142, Bethlehem includes the villages of Maplewood and Pierce Bridge. It is home to the Cushman and Strawberry State Forests with the Appalachian Trail crossing in the southern area.

This is definitely a destination for those that thrive in the outdoors given the number of State Parks in the vicinity such as Franconia Notch, Crawford Notch, Forest Lake, Moose Brook and Echo Lake State Park. There are 5 fantastic areas to freeze your butt off when it’s snowing, whilst skiing or snowboarding. Bretton Woods is the largest ski area in New Hampshire including a 100 km Nordic trail network and breathtaking scenery where during the summer rock climbing and zip lining is on offer. Cannon Mountain has narrow twisting trails and the largest vertical drop plus 72 trails. You can hike hundreds of miles of trails in the stunning natural surrounds of the White Mountains coming across waterfalls whilst peeping at the shy wildlife along the way. Or, take a trek along the Heritage Trail that will take you through the historical JJ Glessner's Rocks Estate. Hire a bike and go for an off-road exploration or throw your tent in a backpack and have a bit of roughing it time in the wilds.

There are actually 2 golf courses in the town for when you want to chase a little white ball instead of the wildlife. If you are curious about the area and its history, then head to the Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium or the Robert Frost Museum to gain an insight into the town of Bethlehem and judge for yourself whether it is a redneck's domain.

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