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Contrary to what you see on The Real Housewives of Orange Country, Newport Beach is much more than catfights and fake tans. Enjoy just-off-the-boat seafood at one of the dozens of beachside dives, take in a gorgeous sunset from the deck of a chic lounge, or (if you're a die-hard surfer) catch that perfect wave at The Wedge.

If you're looking to spend your entire budget (or at least pretend like you are), head to the outdoor Fashion Island mall, a haven for trendsetters and trophy wives. And expect a hefty price on accommodations - real estate in Newport Beach is ranked among the highest in the country.

Alternatively, the village areas of Corona del Mar and Balboa Island are perfect for an easygoing day of walking, shopping, and soaking up the sun - plus they offer farmer's markets every Saturday and Sunday. To get around, ditch the car and hop on a bike to avoid nasty traffic congestion and parking shortages.

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