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25 NZD /d
Soda Inc, Hamilton

Soda Inc


From permanent to hot seats, Soda Inc. offers flexible options depending on your work needs. All memberships are all incl... More

25 NZD /d
The Bridge Street Collective, Nelson

The Bridge Street Collective


Thank you for visiting our page! Coworker is an amazing platform to find a coworking space that is just right for you. W... More

33.35 NZD /d
BizDojo @ GridAKL, Auckland

BizDojo @ GridAKL


Highly supportive of encouraging active professional independents in the pursuit of their goals, BizDojo offers an effici... More

35 NZD /d
ARGO beach Co-working, Christchurch

ARGO beach Co-working


ARGO - Shared office space, a space with a culture that fosters creativity, opens lines of communication and gives true m... More

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Paul Charteris
CLOUD39 is your home away from home! Its a great vibe overlooking beautiful greenery with childcare and o... Show More
Nader Luthera
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Ilona Teki

Luscious New Zealand swathed in verdant mountains, creamy milk, fluffy clouds of sheep, the loud haka (war cry) thumping out at football matches and fiber Internet connected to most homes.

A country of 2 main islands floating in the southwestern Pacific Ocean cloaked in glaciation and volcanoes, it is a draw card for international tourist hordes. There is the North Island (Te Ika-a-M?ui) and the South Island (Te Waipounamu), with numerous smaller islands dotted around them, located about 1,500 kilometers east of Australia over the Tasman Sea. Settled by Polynesians somewhere between 1250 and 1300 CE, the country has a distinct M?ui culture. It was one of the last lands in the world to be settled due to its remoteness.

New Zealand is rich with wonders from its mountain peaks (Southern Alps) to its feet dipping in the ocean, the Southern Lakes district and the South Island's Fiordland. It has a distinct biodiversity of plant and animal life, making it the perfect scene for the filming of the "Lord of the Rings" films. A developed country with a market economy, New Zealand ranks highly in all of the international comparisons such as health, education, economic freedom and so on.

As in Australia, the Internet first became available to university students in 1989 and today Internet access is widely accessible. The government is committed to expanding the broadband with the aim of having fiber connection to 80% of its homes and broadband to 97.8% of its population by 2019, spending NZ$1.35 billion to make it happen. Of its population of 4,565,185, 89.4% are connected, with New Zealand being touted as punching above its weight where digital startups are concerned. Described by some as a utopia for tech investments, the biggest tech success story so far is the company named Xero that is a cloud accounting software company. New Zealand's small population is seen as the catalyst for startups to aim big, as its backyard domestic market is too small to play in; hence they go global from day one.

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