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25 USD /d
Chez Space, Santo Domingo

Chez Space


We provide dynamic, innovative and self-sufficient coworking spaces, where our members feel at home and part of a diverse... More

20 USD /d
Pyhex Work, Santo Domingo

Pyhex Work


We are a group of companies whose work methodology guarantees the evolution from the traditional to the innovative; our l... More

400 DOP /d
COffice.DO, Santo Domingo



We are a hybrid coworking, business center, virtual office, entreprenurship and training facility. We cator to the startu... More

8 USD /d
La Mochila Cowork & Café, Santo Domingo

La Mochila Cowork & Café


Created for entrepreneurs, freelancers, creative people and startups, the coworking space LA MOCHILA aims to create a fri... More

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Everything I needed for my business trip was provided with efficiency and excellence. I am now a digital... Show More
Roberto Yunes
Soy Dominicana y tengo mas de 20 años viviendo fuera del pais. Fue un gran placer visitar un lugar que ... Show More
Joanna Lauzardo
Great atmosphere, price, best of location, great team, green building, enough parking lot
Mariela Lueje
Cada vez que necesito reunirme con un cliente, con frecuencia a último minuto, siempre puedo contar con ... Show More
Greysis Melendez

A Caribbean nation sharing the island of Hispaniola with Haiti on its western border, the Dominican Republic is a fascinating region from its culture to its geographic diversity. Known for its stunning and pristine beaches, swish resorts, dense rainforest, savannah plains and highlands, it has a Spanish colonial history dating back 500 years.

Dominica should be on the list of places to seek out when wandering around the world with your laptop in your backpack, as it is extremely well wired with even the most basic guesthouse squatting in the rainforest being connected to the Internet. You won't be able to surf any porn sites or sites deemed dubious by the government as harmful or promoting violence as they are blocked, but at least you can get creative with your work or send an email. The government is attempting to make the Internet available to all of its citizens with a "One Tablet per Child Program" and free Wi-Fi access for all schools is a part of the vision to making it a reality. It has also instigated numerous Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the city of San Domingo and has extended its fiber optics network to provide faster and more reliable Internet.

Throughout Latin America you will find enterprising ecosystems of startups with several technology companies emerging. The country is facing the opportunity to generate wealth and employment via new business in attracting foreign startups wishing to base their operations in an area of new users. Considered to have one of the most advanced telecommunications infrastructures in Latin America, Dominica should definitely be on your nomadic radar.

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