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About Carrboro

In North Carolina, Carrboro sits beside the town of Chapel Hill and was originally known as "West End" because of its western location to Chapel Hill.  In fact there is less than a mile of sidewalk separating downtown Carrboro from Chapel Hill.  It is known as one of the most liberal communities in the Southern United States.  Electing an openly gay Mayor in 1995, the city was the first to grant domestic-partner benefits to same sex couples and to oppose the Iraq War and the USA Patriot Act. It was settled in 1882 around the State University Railroad where the Alberta Cotton Mill was established in 1898, that later became part of the Durham Hosiery Mills. Today the building has been given a new life as the Carr Mill Mall. 

Nicknamed "The Paris of the Piedmont" because of a sarcastic comment made by a journalist of the now defunct Chapel Hill Weekly in 1970. The city wears its historical past in its architecture of quaint distinctive mill houses and the Melba Movie Theater constructed in the 1920s. Its multi-culture vibe is displayed in the diverse cuisine on offer. The Carrboro Farmers' Markets are one of the biggest attractions, as every single item for sale is grown or produced within a 50-mile radius of the town. The farmers or producers actually are the faces you see at the colorful overladen stalls. From grabbing some lacto-fermented vegetable preserves, to a bag of potatoes, getting recipe advice or purely gawking and rubbing shoulders with the locals, it is a fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning.

You can actually go on a shopping spree starting in Chapel Hill and end up in Carrboro, where you will come across quirky cafes for an injection of caffeine from the local coffee roasters and eclectic boutiques from clothes to artworks.  Meander into the Ackland Museum Store or gawk at the exhibits at the Ackland Art Museum. There is a thriving arts and music scene which is celebrated with the Carrboro Music Festival and for those that like to wax lyrically, there is the annual West End Poetry Festival. 

Definitely make time to pop into the Steel String Brewery and stay a while to test taste the on-site taproom offerings.

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