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The city that is the point of departure to go to "Las Termas Del Flaco" (aka the thermal baths of Flaco) on the road to Puente Negro where you can also chat to their famous parrots, Tricahues and hunt for fossilized dinosaur footprints, San Fernando is the capital of the province of Colchagua in the heart of Chile. It sits close to the Tinquiririca River in a lush valley and was founded in 1742. This is a city where you can sit and concentrate in a coworking space in the mornings and jump on a horse and head for the hills of the Andes in the afternoon.

A city that is no tech hub, but famous for its rodeos, San Fernando is located at the northern tip of Chile's Colchagua Valley that is wash in agricultural activity from wheat to legumes, citrus to mouth watering cherries and grapes for the local Chilean wine named San Fernando. As with all other towns in Chile, your bank balance will go a lot further, as Chile is a relatively cheap country to stay in. You can focus on your startup or business, rather than on your cash supply.

Chile is a country that is making serious investments in technology and the creation of opportunities for tech startups to launch and grow. If you happen to be an investor, a talented tech whisperer or a startup, you can actually get a long-stay visa for Chile within 15 days, so that you don't have to run away to cross a border. The country has a leading global accelerator program and is ranked first in Latin America for innovation. It is home to one of the top 5 fintech ecosystems, is ranked 5th in the world for tertiary enrolment and promotes tech startups led by female founders.

Coworking in San Fernando is where you can hang out with the locals, meld into an international community of likeminded souls and above all, you can get your work done before you get up to some shenanigans at a rodeo.

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