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Malang, Jalan Sudimoro

IDR 100,000 / pp / day

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Littered with colonial architecture and lucky to have a mild highland climate, Malang is the 2nd largest city in East Java with a history dating back to the Singhasari Kingdom in the 13th century. Colonized by the Dutch, Malang is a hot spot for European residents and international tourists. It has about 887,443 people running around its colorful streets where Indonesian and Dutch styles have morphed to create a main boulevard of grand mansions. There is a volcano within its midst with hiking trails and Buddhist-Hindu temples grace its streets. Perched on a plateau, the city is enclosed by mountains plus Mount Bromo that still spews ash when it has an angry moment and wants to shut down the airport. Coworking has appeared in Malang to cater to its inventive minds that have no wish to leave their bustling home or for those meandering tourists with laptops who need to get some work done.

Indonesia has a flourishing digital economy happening that is being touted to become the world's 4th largest economy by 2050, if it continues at the same rate. It has a growing tech-savvy middle class that is young and in touch with the latest trends, think along the lines of 88 million people online with 79 million of them playing on social media. Its tech startup scene is just learning how to "walk" and there have already been some startups that have become major successes, despite the fact that they have had to overcome infrastructure challenges and the lack of a real ecosystem. The inventive individuals of Indonesia aren't just hitting the safe niche markets but are going for a range of different sectors.

The startup scene in Indonesia is getting the backing of the international bank, Goldman Sachs, who believes that the next hotbed for tech companies will be in Indonesia due to its large population and untapped market potential. No wonder coworking spaces are spreading like wildfire to keep up with the demand of creative spaces.