0 Coworking Spaces in Cuenca

About Cuenca

Sitting in the mountains of east-central Spain, Cuenca is an historic walled town with cobbled streets and medieval castle ruins that was founded by the Moors. The history buffs will wet their pants, as this is a UNESCO Heritage Listed Site that will leave you gob smacked. Clinging to a high limestone rugged perch above the Júcar and Huécar Rivers, this is where the "casas colgadas" (hanging houses) clutch to the cliffs over the Huécar Gorge. The narrow steep streets of the old town are awash in colorful houses with wooden balconies stacked like dominoes. Coworking venues have arrived in this incredible town to cater to the inventive locals plus the tourist hordes who may wish to do a bit of work as they trot around the globe.

Art lovers will be enthralled, as 2 of the town's iconic buildings have been transformed into contemporary art galleries. There are plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants to keep you well fed and a plethora of view points to get an eagle-eye view of this astounding city from yesteryear. There are plenty of stunning churches to walk into and say a prayer if need to and a walk over the Saint Paul bridge is a must, as it is up to 40 meters high and supported by the remains of the old bridge that collapsed in 1533. Convents, monasteries, the Mangana Tower, museums and of course, a castle are all on the list of sights to see.

Coworking in Cuenca will give you the chance to linger a bit longer in this mind blowing town plus the opportunity to scoff some of the local specialties such as 'Trucha" (trout), "Ajo arriero" (a mixture of cod, potato and garlic spread on bread) and "Morteruelo" (think pâté made predominantly from wild hare).