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Perhaps no city has had as much impact on the modern world as Rome. Aptly nicknamed “The Eternal City,” Rome has been at the center or near the center of civilization for the last 2800 years. As such it is overflowing with artistic masterpieces, historic ruins and relics, diverse and astounding architecture, culinary riches, religious importance, and romantic reflections of civilization on the move. One can step through time as ancient Rome with its epic Colosseum and Pantheon, early Catholic Rome with its Vatican, cathedrals, and catacombs, and modern Rome with bustling piazzas and boutique cafes all lie juxtaposed at the heart of the city reaching toward the sea.

One can easily get lost for days among the enchanting streets of the Old City, living “La Dolce Vita,” or “the sweet life.” Museums and art galleries are plentiful and highly recommended. Outside of the old city the electricity burns brightly and illuminates the opportunity abound. There are many tours that can guide you through Rome’s top sites if you’d like, though many of the pleasures of Rome are best found by wandering about its tangled streets and keeping your eyes, ears, and nose open to the sensations and possibilities that surround you. Be sure to check the calendar whenever you arrive, as festivals and holidays are numerous and offer a chance for a unique experience in a unique corner of the world.

Historic and grand, Rome is one of the most storied and beautiful cities in the world. It is an almost obligatory stop for any nomad in the area (Europe that is) and an excellent time to see where we came from, who we are, and where we’re going.

Coworking in Rome About Rome

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A city with a history that spans 25 centuries, Rome is one-of-a-kind and truly legendary. As such, Rome coworking space is an increasingly popular option for businesses looking to have a comfortable work space, without the burden of a conventional office. History and culture pour out of every inch of this magnificent city, and being the capital of the country, Rome has thriving economic sectors throughout the city. Here, businesses are largely service-dominant; high-tech companies, commercial and banking institutions, alongside tourism and higher education make for a dynamic and exciting scene for coworking in Roma!

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Coworking in Rome has never been more convenient, thanks to Coworker. We have a large selection of options when it comes to coworking space in Rome, Italy, and your company can enjoy the benefits of a collaborative work environment in a few easy steps. Advantages of coworking space in Roma include the sharing of resources and amenities, such as printing and scanning services, high-speed internet, meeting or conference rooms, reception services, and of course, ideal for sharing ideas and a like mind-set.

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Allow us to help realize your company’s dream work situation, and be in the middle of the action in the heart of Europe by renting a Rome coworking space today. Our services are offered across the globe in 170+ countries, and have been used by 6+ millions of people. From small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we have provided office sharing services to every kind of business. Peruse the office listings on our site, and discover a customized workspace that is just right for your company, so that you can get coworking a Roma pronto!