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3500 HUF /d
KAPTÁR coworking, Budapest

KAPTÁR coworking


KAPTÁR is the coworking space of freelancers, digital nomads, startuppers and entrepreneurs in the heart of Budapest. Wo... More

4500 HUF /d
Impact Hub Budapest, Budapest

Impact Hub Budapest


Impact Hub Budapest is a co-working space that hosts a community of entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and professional... More

Loffice, Budapest



Loffice is the pioneer of the coworking model in Hungary. With five venues we provide stylish spaces and business support... More

10 EUR /d
UP center, Budapest

UP center


We've built a digital community space for true lovers of the internet, in the creative center of the beautiful Budapest. ... More

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From day 1 I felt welcome and embraced by the community at Kaptar. People are really friendly and warm, I... Show More
Page Carbajal
Simply put this space had been rented by a company and the are no spaces available for people either drop... Show More
Robert Haynes
I tried this space and although it seems cool. It's it very noisy and there were did roaming around up an... Show More
Robert Haynes
Participated in an evening event called ChilliNights, and that how I discovered Impact Hub. They have a ... Show More
Steffen Larsen

Hungary is a landlocked country sitting in Central Europe with a dynamic cityscape in its capital, Budapest. The cosmopolitan city is cut in half by the Danube River and is dressed in its historical architectural landmarks such as Buda's medieval Castle Hill and a 19th Century Chain Bridge. Roman, Turkish, Slavic and Magyar influences betray its long and rich history.

Despite there being many players in the startup ecosystem in Hungary, it is often referred to as "PreziUstreamLogMeIn" alluding to the 3 Internet giants on the scene. Touted as being like a good goulash in the making - the ecosystem has all the ingredients, it has started to send off tantalizing aromas, but it is still cooking. With a population of approximately 1.7 million, 76% are connected to the Internet of which about 52% plays on Facebook. The country shows no evidence of filtering or monitoring on the Internet, but in 2014 the National Tax and Customs Authority did temporarily block access to 7 gambling related sites for 3 months. Also in 2014 the government planned to introduce a tax on Internet data transfers that was met with outrage from its citizens.

Hungary has a dynamic incubator/accelerator sector, it is awash in funding options and the universities are focusing on entrepreneurship programs. Unfortunately "startups" are the least understood form of business in the country. What startups there are, seem to be strong on technology and technical development, with many beginning life as a side project to an outsourcing development workshop.

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