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About Olathe

The county seat of Johnson County, the city of Olathe is the 4th most populated enclave in the Kansas City Metropolitan area with a population of about 137,472 residents carrying on their blissful lives in what was described in 1857 as "a prairie covered with verbena and other wild flowers". This enclave became a military post throughout the Civil War with numerous skirmishes happening between Kansas militia and the Confederates. Historically the city was a stopover place for those going along the Oregon Trail, the California Trail and the Santa Fe Trail catering to travellers and their needs. This is where you can join in and have some fun at Civil War re-enactments and Wild West Days, complete with dressing up. The construction of the transcontinental railroad sounded the death knoll for these trails to the west and Olathe became a small and sleepy prairie town. Today it's a vibrant and bustling city considered to be on the list of the "100 Best Cities to Live", as it experienced a huge residential and commercial boom in the 1980s. Home to companies such as Husqvarna and Honeywell to name a few, it's also where coworking venues have opened up to cater to its intrepid out-of-the-box thinkers.

Kansas is a midwestern entrepreneurial hub with a long-standing tradition of entrepreneurial innovation. Kansas City has been named one of the top tech cities in the country and continues to maintain top rankings in technology expertise with a thriving startup scene happening. Its ecosystem offers extensive programs, resources and networks to mingle amongst so that ideas can be turned into successes. There is the inventive entrepreneurial support initiative "KCSourceLink" helping coordinate annual events such as the "Battle of the Brands" and the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce is the way to "plug-in" to the throbbing startup heart of the city. Startup incubators include the likes of Pipeline and BetaBox, so there is definitely no shortage of places to run to when buzzing ideas need a helping hand.

Olathe's coworking venues are littered with tech savvy youth who are taking their ideas into the realms of possibility.