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Exotic and mystical Marrakech known as the Red City is a North African city of colorful souks, sacred ruins, and luscious fresh orange juice from the plethora of carts sitting in the glare of the midday sun in the ancient Jemaa el-Fnaa square. It is paradise for those looking for chaotic bliss with an unpredictable vibrant heartbeat. Drinking mint tea ad nauseam, maybe puffing on a hookah pipe in a seedy cafe overflowing with robed males or haggling over spices at the bazar will become the norm, whilst the snake charmers, musicians and monkey handlers will keep you entertained during a break from your work.

Coworking spaces are slowly springing up to cater to the exploring professionals that venture into this former imperial fortified city dominated by the 12th Century Koutoubia Mosque. Internet speeds can be a bit on the sketchy side at times, but it is improving. Be sure to check with the coworking space on available internet options.

There is the old town and the new town where you can find an abundance of cheap accommodation mostly owned by French families from self-catering villas to fascinating riads that were once grand old houses with open central courtyards and cute turtles slowly crawling around.

Foot power is the best way to get around and navigate the endless warren of narrow streets and lanes in the medina, in fact the old town is predominantly a vehicle free zone so you will only ever get run over by a bicycle, maybe a scooter or an errant donkey drawn cart. If staying outside of the medina, you can always grab a taxi, bus or horse drawn carriage. Self-driving here is not for the feint hearted.

The weather is spectacular and you will find a myriad of tagines to scoff when the need for food takes over from the necessity of working. The local lingo is Moroccan Arabic, but French is the second most spoken language.

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