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About Coyhaique

The gateway to the remote wilds of the Patagonia region and the rural hub of Aisén, Coyhaique was founded by settlers in 1929 and has a population of around the 50,000 mark. The town square is laid out as a pentagon in honor of the Carabineros (think frontier guard) as a Carabinero general happened to be one of the founders of the town. Despite its remoteness, the town has its mall fashions, night venues for cavorting in and techie trends. If you like to get away from everything there is the Simpson River National Reserve decked out in dense forests that is home to huemul deer and cougars plus a gushing waterfall, Cascada de la Virgen. Coworking has appeared in its streets in response to the tourists who come for the skiing in the winter or the fly fishing enthusiasts no matter what time of the year and for its creative tech savvy locals that have no intention of leaving their wild playground.

A city that is definitely not a tech hub, Coyhaique, as with other towns in Chile, is where your bank balance will go a lot further, so you will have more time to play outdoors or you can focus on your startup or business rather than on your cash flow. Chile is a country that is making serious investments in technology and the creation of opportunities for tech startups to launch and grow. If you happen to be an investor, a talented tech whisperer or a startup, you can actually get a long-stay visa for Chile within 15 days. The country has a leading global accelerator program and is ranked first in Latin America for innovation. Its home to one of the top 5 fintech ecosystems, is ranked 5th in the world for tertiary enrolment and promotes tech startups especially those led by female founders.

Coworking in Coyhaique will give you the chance to hang out with the locals, trek a snowcap mountain peak or go fly-fishing for some trout, in between brainstorming.