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About Rochester

Rochester can lay claim to quite a few innovations: the calculating machine (aka calculator), breakfast cereal - granula, it is where marshmallows were first commercially produced, the voting machine was invented and the first gold tooth was made by a Rochester dentist.  A somewhat quirky city and apparently a bit on the spooky side, Rochester was where a movement of "Communing with the Dead" (aka American Spiritualism) came into being during the 1800's. It is also where rumors abound about catacombs of the "Illuminati" being underneath the city.

Rochester has the highest deaf population per capita in the country, due to the fact that this is where the National Technical Institute for the Deaf is located.  It is home to the Lilac Festival that attracts over 500,000 people per year and where it is illegal to throw a snowball at someone's head.  When you consider that Rochester gets a ton of snow due to the moisture coming off Lake Ontario, this law may be problematic for some snow-throwing enthusiasts.  Sitting on the southern banks of Lake Ontario, Rochester is in Monroe County.  One of America's first boomtowns, initially its economy was built around the flourmills dotted along the Genesee River.  It was the birthplace for Kodak, Xerox and Bausch & Lomb.

On the controversial side, you can visit the Riverside Cemetery where you will find the grave of Francis Tumblety, the prime suspect in the Jack the Ripper murder spree who grew up in Rochester.  Or go to the Mt Hope Cemetery and take a look at the graves of Buffalo Bill's children.  For a graveyard with a difference, go to the Merle Spurrier Gymnasium pool where you will find a wooden "desk" graveyard in the unused 6 lane swimming pool with red painted footprints splashed around the edges and even up the walls. You can forget about the Shroud of Turin and just stare at a tree on the front lawn of the clothing factory, Hickey-Freeman Co, to see the face of Jesus in the bark.  You can go chasing the "Lady in White" ghostly apparition around sunset at the Durand-Eastman Park and there is even a sword stuck in a large stone behind the Industrial Park that no one has any idea how it got there. There is an underground subway that should not be ventured into unless you are in the company of someone else, due to the unknown "elements" (aka homeless people, various rodents and graffiti artists that may be hard at work).

Home to a notorious graffiti artist, known as "Spaceman", apparently he is as quick to splash some paint on as the council is to remove it, he has been painting the city's traffic light boxes and building walls for years with a punk-meets-anarchist style of street art. 

Rochester is anything but boring for anyone who dares to go there. 

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