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Cuernavaca, San Jerónimo

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Snuggled into the Tepozteco Mountains in southern Mexico, Cuernavaca is dressed in 16th Century features especially in its colonial heart featuring the Palace of Cortes (former home of Hernán Cortés, the Spanish conqueror) that is now a history museum complete with murals done by Diego Rivera, a Mexican artist. The capital of the state of Morelos, it was first established about 3200 years ago and is a designated archaeological site and Forest Protection Zone. Nicknamed "City of Eternal Spring", Cuernavaca is a favorite area for the wealthy souls of Mexico City - from Aztec emperors to numerous famous people - to have their holiday homes (aka sprawling mansions and haciendas) because of its warm climate, abundant vegetation and the fact that it is only an hour and a half from the Mexico City.

One of Mexico's best-known cities, its charms are mostly hidden behind the tall colonial villa walls where you will find secret lush gardens with trickling fountains and grand dwellings dating back to the 15th century. Some have been converted into swanky hotels with international restaurants where the well heeled hang out, or museums for the tourists to poke around. If you want some quiet time you should head to the stunning Jardin de Borda, the Chapultepec Park or the San Anton waterfall, all within the city limits. You can scavenge around the street markets for semi-precious stones (energy bearing - onyx, quartz and natural crystals) that are found in the surrounding mountains or waste several hours in one of the many spas dotted around the town. If you want to say a prayer, then head to one of Mexico's oldest churches built in 1592. You can even dawdle around the Cuernavaca Cathedral, a 1500 walled monastery complex with a mural of Mexico's first saint. If you want to do a bit of people perving, then sit in the colonial heart of the city at one of the many cafes in the square and sip an espresso for a while.

This is definitely the place to take a few Spanish lessons, as there are over 50 Spanish language schools to choose from.

Cuernavaca is often a stopover point for those heading to Taxco or Acapulco.

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