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Friendly people, always ready to help. Good WiFi . Comfortable chairs and tables. Option to stay till lat... Show More
Mariya Stoeva
My experience at Switch has been fantastic. The guys there were very friendly and welcoming and I felt th... Show More
Momchil Momchilov
Switch has a very cozy environment, plenty of natural sunlight, great coffee and the best hosts!
Hristiyana Ivanova
First and most important issue, above address is wrong. So, visit https://innovator.bg/ to get the accura... Show More
Nicos Rafidhias

Lush valleys, ancient ruins, sandy beaches, Amazonian-esque rivers...Varna has it all! The Black Sea coastline stretches endlessly and has a lively vibe with casual bars and beach volleyball courts. Varna has a glow which only comes from breathing in that seaside air.

Simply looking around Varna will be enough to see the Communist influence, especially in architecture. Luckily, most indoor areas are modern and comfortable. The communist influence is still prevalent in terms of bureaucracy which can frustrate even the chilliest of nomads. Bring your laptop to any appointments and prepare for the long wait!

Although Bulgaria isn't widely known for its food, the local barbecue and light salads will keep you eating local. If you're down with probiotics, Bulgaria is famous for its yoghurt which is served in simple drinks and even cold soups with cucumber and garlic!

Bulgaria has an enviable coffee culture, friends spend weekend days lazing around a patio, sipping cappuccinos and chatting up a storm. Varna underscores that effortlessly cool vibe Eastern Europe is developing towards.

It's quickly becoming one of those gems you'll hear people advising travelers to see instead of more popular European hubs. It's by no means off the tourist track, but it's quieter than most beach cities! We know Hermione wound up with Ron in the end, but I wouldn't call Viktor Krum settling...

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