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About Oberkirch

A municipality in the district of Sursee, Oberkirch sits in Switzerland where it is actually legal to grow as much of the "green" stuff (aka marijuana) as you want to eat, smoke, smell or whatever else you may care to do with it. Switzerland is the country of tech savvy souls and home to global banks plus 15 Fortune 500 companies. No wonder coworking spaces have opened their doors in this area when the whole country's population has adopted technology to such a degree.

Oberkirch was first mentioned in the written word from 1036, so you can put one foot in its past and plant the other in its future. The municipality is located southwest of Lake Sempach and consists of the village of Oberkirch and the hamlets of Dogelzwil, Oberhof, Unterhof and Zellhüsli, if you can pronounce them. It has a tiny population of about 3,317 souls, mostly speaking German but a few of the locals chatter in Serbo-Croatian and Albanian. Most of its residents are aged between 25 and 64 and have completed higher education qualifications. The area is predominantly agricultural with the odd glacier, mountain and river thrown in.

Being such a tiny area you definitely won't get lost and will probably end up riding a bicycle to your coworking space where you can mingle with your neighbors in collaborative bliss.