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About Red Wing

A Mississippi River Town, Red Wing is more known for its unique pottery and as a day trip destination, rather than a place to permanently set up camp. Sitting in the county of Good Hue of Minnesota, there are only about 16,500 souls that call it home. Touted as being a "Distinctive Destination" on the National Trust for Historic Preservation, you will find impressive architecture and a stunning natural environment to explore. The city is named after a Sioux Chef, Red Wing, who was an ally of the British soldiers during the War of 1812 and was known as "the man who paints himself red" due to the custom of dying a swan's wing as a symbol of rank.

Located on a wide spot of the Mississippi River, the town is awash in cute brick storefronts with planters hanging from lampposts overflowing with the tendrils of colorful flowers. Known for its hiking, biking, wineries, music and eagle gazing, there are 3 historical areas of stately Victorian houses to meander around. You will also find a quirky bakery, barbershop and cafe to poke your nose into. You can go hiking up Mount La Grange for an incredible view of the river in the north and Lake Pepin in the south. If you want to take in a bit of tow-boat action, head to Levee and Bay Point parks for a front row seat of the river bustle where barges, cruisers and fishing boats ply the water. There is the Prairie Island Indian Reservation nearby and the Cannon Valley Trail has its eastern terminus in Red Wing.

You can always make a quick detour to the Treasure Island Resort & Casino if nothing else grabs your attention apart from shopping for the famous Red Wing Stoneware.

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