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If you want to break your sojourn from Moscow to Ukraine or the Caucasus, this is a good city to spend a bit of chill out time in and to give your rear end a vacation from being squashed. Peter the Great built the first Russian navy shipyard here in the 1600s and it quickly became the center for agriculture and manufacturing. The city was destroyed during World War II and today has a renovated city center and many new developments.

Voronezh is an industrial city straddling the Voronezh River on the Southeastern Railway connecting European Russia with Siberia, the Urals, the Caucasus and Ukraine. You can get around the city on trolley buses, trams and the quirky option of the yellow bus (it's a freebie) if there is one rattling past. There are impressive buildings to gawk at around Pl Lenina and Pr Revolyutsii, where you will find the heart of the city. The Annunciation Cathedral that was built in 2004 is the 4th tallest Orthodox Church in the whole world and is topped by possibly the largest cross in Europe circled by a soviet symbol decorated fence. Of course there is a "Lenin Square" to explore and the Koltsovskiy Skver Park is great for a slow stroll through. There are numerous monuments to famous writers and poets such as Pushkin, Koltsov, and Nikitin. You can even visit the old church in the Admiralteyskaya where Peter the Great would baptize his ships. Various Orthodox churches are dotted around the city and there is a women's monastery "Akatov".

It is home to one of the top 10 most interesting provincial theaters in Russia, "The Kamenniy Theater", where you can indulge in watching a performance. If you are a photography hound, the best place to take those great pics is in Karla Marksa Street where it is traditional for bride's to be carried across. Don't forget to buy some locally made marmalade sweets "Pesnya Koltsova" to nibble on.

Apparently the drivers in the city are quite reckless with frequent accidents happening everywhere, so short of putting on full body armor, make sure you remember to say a prayer before you cross the roads or get onto some form of transport. If you decide to have a night out, leave your ripped wrinkled jeans out of the night attire choices, as there are quite a few sophisticated bars and clubs to rub shoulders with the beautiful locals.

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