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Sometimes referred to as the wild little sister of its tourist orientated neighbor, Costa Rica, Granada is also known as "La Gran Sultana" reflecting its Moorish and Andalusian characteristics. Sitting on the Lake Nicaragua, it is home to many Spanish colonial landmarks that have miraculously survived the raiding pirate hordes. It is the jumping-off point for some 350 small islands where you can find sumptuous resorts accessible only by boat that will definitely lighten your wallet. The city's main plaza, Central Park is a colorful parade of cafes and people where you will find the Cathedral of Granada dating back to 1583. This is Nicaragua's oldest town that is an eye-candy feast and a photographer's dream destination. Today coworking venues have opened up in its cobblestoned alleys to cater to its innovative locals who have no intention of leaving their beautiful home.

One of Nicaragua's most important cities, both politically and economically with a population of around the 123,697 mark, Granada is stained with its rich colonial heritage. Registered in official records of the Crown of Aragon and the Kingdom of Castile in Spain, it was named Granada in 1524 and is touted to be the first European city in mainland America. Many make Granada a home base, as it is only an hour from the capital of Managua and yet you can still get out into the wilds from lakes to volcanoes and stunning beaches.

The high-tech sector of Nicaraguan is underdeveloped and its Internet penetration is low, but in spite of this it does present plenty of opportunities to build low cost e-businesses with local niche markets, which its tech savvy youth are chasing. Coworking venues opening up in Granada giving its locals the space to gather en masse, to connect and collaborate with other likeminded brave and daring souls.