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About Bethel

Sitting on the Gulf of Riga just west of the capital of Riga, the resort city of Jurmala is known for its art nouveau wooden seaside villas, its long sandy beach and Soviet-era sanatoriums. You will find near the beach the Dzintari Concert Hall complex built in the 1930s plus the Dzintari Forest Park. For the history buff there is the Jurmala City Museum to meander around if you are tired of working at your favorite coworking spot.

This city is the Baltic's pseudo "French Riviera" with stunning Prussian-style villas. It is the town to be "by the seaside" and to be "seen". The playground of Russian tycoons and their fashionista playmates, Jurmala is for sun and spa worshippers. The roads become choked at the weekends when jetsetters and day-trippers flock to the shorelines, its cafes for a bit of people watching and restaurants or grill bars for fresh seafood that is still flapping on your plate.

This is no tech hub as everyone is too busy playing in the sun, but there are a few innovative souls burying themselves in their work at coworking venues dotted throughout the city. Latvia is playing catch-up with Estonia and its success story of Skype, but it is beginning to build a reputation for itself in fintech, e-commerce and drones.