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Ilorin, 1, Ilofa Road,GRA, Ilorin

NGN 650 / pp / day

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The processing hub for cashews in Nigeria, Ilorin is where the cultures of the Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Fulani, Nupe, Bariba, Kanuri and Malian tribes all meet and mingle. The town that sees numerous ceremonial activities throughout the year due to its diverse Christian and Islamic populations, Ilorin is the state capital of Kwara in Western Nigeria with a population of about 777,667 people. Founded by the Yoruba in 1450, it was once the provincial military headquarters of the ancient Oyo Empire. It was occupied by the Royal Niger Company in 1897 and incorporated into the British colony of Northern Nigeria in 1900. With 2 professional football teams and an 18,000-capacity stadium, Ilorin's sporting souls can now mingle with the innovative minds in coworking venues, when not out kicking a ball around.

Pottery is big business in the city with the largest traditional pottery workshops in Nigeria plus there is a thriving textile industry of the traditional type that features hand weaving on simple looms that is bought by traders and fashion designers from other parts of Nigeria and internationally. It has quite a few tourist hot spots, such as the dominant Sobi Hill where natives were protected during intertribal wars in the ancient era plus a cultural center housing the Kwara State Council for Arts and Culture.
Nigerian people are predominantly English speaking and it's becoming a hub for social businesses with some startups solving local issues whilst making money, such as "Wecyclers". The country has a huge market that is getting bigger every year and is the cultural epicentre for African youth through movies and online publications. Both Google and Facebook have opened up their own hubs and launched accelerator programs and the country is on track to draw more venture capital than its South African and East African counterparts.
Nigeria is dubbed “Africa’s India” for its demographic stats. If today the population is “only” 173 million, making it the largest country in Africa, tomorrow it should reach half a billion (2050) and likely a billion by the turn of next century. With so much buzz happening in Nigeria it's little wonder that cities such as Ilorin are seeing coworking spaces opening in their streets.

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