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About Goyang

Sitting north of Seoul, Goyang is considered to be the exemplary leader among the cities in South Korea for regional economic vitalization, environmental friendly residential areas and convenient transportation systems. This is the site of Ilsan New Town and home to the Agricultural Cooperative College, Korea Aerospace University and the Transnational Law and Business University.

It is the city where regular festivals are held such as the Haengjusanseong Fortress Sun Rise Festival that welcomes in New Year's Day sunrise; held on the top of the mountain where Haengju Sanseong sits. There is the Great Battle of Haengju Festival commemorating the nation's martyrs and the Goyang International Flower Festival celebrating the city's floricultural industry. Party time happens when the Goyang Lake Art Festival gets under way in October of each year and the locals take to the streets, fancy fireworks are set off and bright colorful decorations adorn the buildings.

The Ilsan New Town was founded as a new urban area to solve the overpopulation problem of Seoul. Here you will find a large man-made lake with a surrounding promenade where cyclists hurtle around a path and the locals come to cool off in the shade of masses of trees. The most intriguing attraction of the park is the Music Fountain that features choreographed water and light several times a day. There are numerous cafes, restaurants and shopping hazards near the park to meander around.
Often referred to as "the city of flowers" there are plenty of places to escape the maddening crowds.