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A former frontier settlement in Texas cloaked in the "Old West", Abilene has about 117,063 souls meandering around its streets, with not a single gun slinging cowboy or outlaw in sight. It's home to the Dyess Air Force Base and is a part of the Texas Forts Trail that links frontier landmarks. Established by cattlemen in 1881, it was the original endpoint for the Chisholm Trail and you can find the historic downtown area on the north side of the railroad. Abilene's economy has shifted from that of livestock and agriculture to one based on education, healthcare and manufacturing. Its community has plenty of students attending one of the 7 colleges or universities in the city with Hardin-Simmons University being founded in 1891. Coworking venues have opened up to cater to these enthusiastic tech savvy youth plus the citizens of Abilene that harbor a real pioneering spirit in their entrepreneurial souls.

Abilene, as with the rest of Texas, is getting into new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and machine learning. Business software companies are reaping the benefit of capital funding and its early-stage ecosystem is continuing to develop with accelerators such as Sputnix ATX. Collaboration is happening between Texas cities turning out positive successes in the "middle" markets with e-commerce on the rise.

Coworking venues are providing the space where creative locals can mingle and get their stuff done before scoffing down some chicken fried steak with loads of gravy washed down by a Dr Pepper.