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Sitting on the banks of the Cuarto River, Rio Cuarto is a commercial hub with a bustling rail junction and a healthy agricultural economy. At the foot of the Cóndores Mountains, this is where you will find the "Craters of Rio Cuarto" or the "The Twins". A meteorite smashed into the earth over 2,000 years ago creating these amazing holes in the earth. A university city, The National University of Rio Cuarto serves the large Cordoba region.

Rio Cuarto has a bohemian aura of funky cafes, restaurants and hotels that stay open to all hours. You can meander through museums or cultural centers and take in a show at one of the independent theaters. Locally known as "La Imperial", it is a large city that has been touted as being the new capital.

There are plenty of opportunities to try out the national Argentinian drink, "Yerba Mate" that is concocted from the young leaves of Brazilian holly and drunk from a bowl using a metal straw. If the thought of this does not turn you on, like most towns in Argentina, succulent dishes of meat and more meat dominate the foodie scene with grill restaurants on nearly every corner. Think spicy or blood sausages, intestines and kidneys in the offal department and thick juicy chunks of beef that will leave your mouth watering.

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