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ClujHUB’s team is very helpful, friendly and very hands-on once a problem appears. Top WIFI, good coffe... Show More
Paul Zoicaş
One of the most amazing coworking spaces I've worked in. Love the vibe and the community and the position... Show More
Adrian Vladimir
Unique place right in the heart of Cluj where you could work in peace, but also be stimulated by all the ... Show More
Bunici Eva
This was my first co-working experience so I can't compare it to other places but I think the standards w... Show More
Arianna Pellegrini

Commonly known as "Cluj", Cluj-Napoca is the 2nd most populous city of Romania (Bucharest the capital has the most people), sitting in the Somesul Mic River Valley. It is considered to be the unofficial capital of the historical province of Transylvania. A town of students jumping from bar to bar along the legendary Piezisa Street in the heart of the city where Romanian and Hungarian cultures meld together. It is the "alternative" capital city to that of Bucharest, overflowing with American IT companies and nicknamed "Transylvanian Silicon Valley". A cultural and social hub, the city is known for its prestigious Romanian music and film festivals and vibrant atmosphere where you can scoff fattening traditional fare and down a few too many drinks in a sitting whether it be espressos or cocktails. The town has a young urban vibe that caters to those that are into nature not just a night on the town.

Historically rich, there are quite a few sights to gawk at such as landmarks from the times of Saxon and Hungarian rule. For the museum or art-loving buff there is the Bánffy Palace, a baroque-era building crammed full of Romanian art. The city's heart is Unirii Square (14th Century), named after the Archangel Michael and the city's patron saint. The town is one of the most important industrial, business, cultural and academic hubs in Romania, with the country's largest university Babes-Bolyai University in its midst. It was named "European Youth Capital" in 2015.

Cluj-Napoca is easy to fly to from any western European cities and a mere 30 minute drive from the city will have you in the wilds of the natural reserve of Turda Gorge with its 50 caves to poke around or an underground salt mine. If you are full of bravado, then you should head to the haunted forest of Hoia-Baciu, where unknown creatures lurk or aliens wait to kidnap lost souls.

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