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Real community vibes. Friendliest place I've found in terms of coworking spaces. The area has a great out... Show More
Sartaj Chowdhury
Really good atmosphere with excellent coffee and wifi! Really great to work there with the possibility to... Show More
Perrine Millard
excellent wifi and a great silent coffee shop/coworking space. There are meeting rooms you can use and ev... Show More
Florian Manouché
I have been already 2 and for me, it's the best coworking in town, excellent wi-fi connection, good ambia... Show More

Cosmopolitan, sexy and brash - Buenos Aires - is the birthplace of the tango dance in the 19th Century where it began in the slaughterhouse district. Originally a dance for men as it appeared like they were dueling, it soon became a seductive dance of the prostitutes.

The capital of Argentina, the atmosphere is distinctly European with a gritty dash of Latin America thrown in. It is where the locals eat after 9pm, the nightlife throbs, and there are stately architectural sights and a bustling 16th century Plaza de Mayo to hang out in. The town is awash in cobbled streets overflowing with leather shoe shops, tapas and wine bars, arty cafes and vibrant street art.

Historically, Buenos Aires was once the home to Eva Perón and Che Guevara, it is where bull fighting reigned and the subway will shut down if it isn't busy despite the time. It is mandatory to take a siesta after lunch and pick pockets thrive on unwary tourists. Maybe that is why there are more psychoanalysts and psychiatrists in this city than anywhere else in the world and they are all in their own district named "Ville Freud". It is definitely the place to be if you are having a momentary crisis in your life.

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