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Jakarta, 32F., Tempo Scan Tower

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Jakarta, Level 5, Suite 501-504

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Coworking in Jakarta About Jakarta

Jakarta may only seem like a sprawling city with infinite traffic, but as with any other megacity, you just have to know where to go. Luckily, Coworker has your back.

Jakarta get a lot of flack for being a 'just passing through' location that many travelers may skip, but the capital city's status makes Jakarta a staple destination for expats and entrepreneurs. The expat community is huge, with many families living in Jakarta long term. Locals are friendly to foreigners, and Bahasa is an easy to learn language with many similarities to English and Deustch. If you are visiting for business, note that Jakarta is a religious city, meaning it would be helpful to follow local customs, such as dressing modestly.

Jakarta is not without its drawbacks; the traffic and lack of sidewalks makes moving from neighborhood to neighborhood rather difficult. We'd encourage you to find a neighborhood you can work and live in, as otherwise commuting may take up most of your day! Coworker recommends staying in Kemang if you're looking to dive into the entrepreneurial expat scene. Also, Kemang has plenty of bars, restaurants, yoga studios, and cafes.

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Coworking in Jakarta About Jakarta

Coworking Space in Jakarta Timur

Co working space in Jakarta have become popular. As both the capital and largest city in Indonesia, Jakarta is the most populous city in Southeast Asia, which also makes it a thriving hub for entrepreneurs looking for co working space. While Jakarta is known for its massive amounts of traffic, the traffic is a good indicator of all of the opportunities abounding in the city for business development, and more recently, coworking space in Jakarta Barat. Ranked by Britain’s Economist Intelligence Unit as eighth in the world for digital transformation, Jakarta Selatan’s coworking office culture is currently booming, making it a dynamic option for freelancers, developing companies, and startups. Check out our coworking space in Jakarta that is available now.

Choosing Cowork Space in Jakarta

Shared work spaces in Jakarta are widely available. Whether you work in the service, banking, trading, manufacturing, or financial sector, the coworking spaces in Tebet have something to offer every type of entrepreneur. With plenty of coworking office spaces to choose from, Jakarta Pusat is a thriving metropolis of business opportunity. This makes cowork in Jakarta easy for networking with local workers who may be willing to contribute to your company at an affordable rate. With Coworker, you can easily search for co working space in Jakarta near you and choose the best one based on your location. Peruse the various coworking spaces in Jakarta available now to find the ideal choice for you and your business.

Top Coworking Spaces in Jakarta Barat

Choosing between the many trendy coworking spaces in the different areas of Jakarta Pusat can be challenging. From the elite area of south Jakarta to the more relaxed zone of north Jakarta that’s near the sea, you should select a shared office space that fits your professional needs. Searching through Coworker’s database of coworking spaces near you lets you filter by amenities, cost, accessibility, and much more. We make choosing your perfect coworking office space in Jakarta simple, so you can achieve your ideal work-life balance.

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Why book a coworking space in Jakarta Selatan through Coworker? There are many reasons. Regardless of the size or requirements of the coworking space in Tebet that you are looking for, we have an option to suit your exact needs. Secondly, all of our work space in Jakarta is verified so you can rest assured knowing 6 million users around the world rely on this service for their businesses. And finally, we are a tried, true, and trusted source for booking cowork spaces. Find your ideal coworking space in Jakarta with Coworker…and get to work!

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