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About Daejeon

"Asia's Silicon Valley", Daejeon is a high tech city with 18 universities in its streets. An overgrown suburb of Seoul (only 50 minutes away via high-speed train), Daejeon is the 5th largest city in South Korea and a major science and research center. A transportation hub awash in traffic choked streets and huge apartment buildings; it is a destination for those wishing to splash in the Yuseong Hot Springs.

You will have to take your shoes off when you enter a coworking space here (Koreans believe that walking in bare feet is beneficial to one's health and allows your feet to breathe) and you won't have to worry about any lost in translation moments, as English is the second language. Public transport is cheap and easy, so you won't get lost navigating your way around.

Sitting beside you will be a mixture of students from one of the 18 universities in the town, local professionals that don't wish to be bothered with their own office infrastructure and happy to share a coworking space whether it is a hot desk or an individual office, some involved with one of the 79 private research institutes calling Daejeon home plus meandering remote workers. It was in Daejeon that the World Technopolis Association was established in 1998 to foster regional development through international cooperation with world science cities.

The Internet speed is fast and Wi-Fi hot spots are everywhere. Coworking in this city is where you can mingle with likeminded souls, use office equipment such as printing or scanning and to hook into the complimentary goodies such as caffeine hits to keep your brain on fire. Google with its simple layout doesn't rate highly amongst the locals due to the belief that it doesn't understand them and the main search engines are Naver plus Daum. The bonus to coworking in Daejeon is that you can stuff yourself silly on the national fare of "kimchi", of which there are about 250 varieties, during your lunch breaks.